3D Design

2D Design

3D Modelling & 2D Detailing

Technological Design

Design for Automotive and Aerospace Industries

Finite Element Analysis - FEA

ROBCAD, Process Simulate simulation

Painting Robots - OLP

CAM (MASTERCAM) Programming

CMM Programming

Technical Consulting
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3D Models starting from 2D drawings can be made having the data either in  paper format  or in digital format. The service is provided to companies which would like to give up bulky archives on paper and put into modern CAD systems.

3D model design starting from a given theme is the new concept in design. The parametric models are flexible and allow for an easy up-date both at the assembly level and parts  level.

Programming and applications in CAD result in productivity increases.

Technological design and 2D detailing (drawings) starting  from a 3D model or an assambly drawing: the model is supplied by  the customer together with the project specifications. The detail drawings are produced according to specific standards of the customer.

The Finite Element Analysis Method  assures the same conditions in the model simulation as found in actual operation. The obtained conclusions lead  to choosing the optimal solution.

The Technical Consulting is assured during the projects realization, at installation or in running at the beneficiary site.

Always the TechnoCAD specialists are "on top".